AlacrityPC 1.0

Help your PC perform to its potential


  • Automatically reallocates system resources


  • Defragger doesn't work very well

Very good
If you're suffering from a slow PC then it's probably wither your RAM or your processor that can't handle what you are putting through it.

However, sometimes it can simply be because their are malicious or unnesscary processes hogging your system. That's where AlacrityPC steps in which is a simple solution which removes unnecessary processes system and frees-up your system resources for programs that need them. Once you've stopped the processes and finished with the program that needed the extra resources, AlacrityPC once again reallocates system resources to those that were using it previously. This is probably most useful when using video sites such as YouTube which can easily make your PC hang due to the large system resources that downlaoding and displaying video, especially in full screen mode, can require. In addition, the program comes with a small defragmentation tool which doesn't seem that efective and can ironically, slow your system down anyway so best not to use it if you've got another solution.

A useful automatic solution for those suffering from a slow PC but won't be of much use to those on higher spec machines

What is AlacrityPC? AlacrityPC allows you to get the most from your Windows PC by shutting down unnecessary services and programs before you run a resource intensive application like a game.

When you finish, AlacrityPC will automatically restart the programs and services, returning your PC back to its original state. AlacrityPC can also perform additional optimizations like Defragmentation of memory.



AlacrityPC 1.0

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